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Our Mission:


Bringing uplifting support to medically fragile children and their families.



Rays for Rare was founded in 2017. Here is the story behind the cause. Our son Corwyn was born with a rare brain malformation, he was medically fragile with many health issues. While in the hospital we found that charities visit, support, bring special visitors and comfort items. When we moved to care at home we found we were alone, no charities service families in their home. After our son passed away at home in November 2016 we decided this is a cause we would like to bring light to.

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There are over 2,000 medically fragile children in our area. This number is growing as our community grows and advances in medicine continue.

On the advocacy front we are making great progress, we currently sit on a leadership committee at the children’s hospital to bring palliative care for pediatrics to our valley. We have helped form an organization of collaborating, forward thinking individuals to bring progress on this front at a national level. We are a strong voice for these families who many at the moment are just trying to make it through each day.

At the beginning of 2019, Corwyn’s Cause joined forces with fellow non-profit, Lucas House. With Lucas House founder Alissa Aldrich now on our board of directors we are excited for the good we can do in the future.

As we have grown we found a new need for our organization, a name, one that represents all of the children we serve. Whether it is one of the 7,000 rare diseases, including all forms of pediatric cancer, or the survivor of a tragic accident, what we have found is that they are all remarkable ...they are all Rare.



~ Bringing uplifting support to medically fragile children and their families. 

~ Providing respite through family support

~ Connecting families to additional resources in the community

~ Advocating for pediatric palliative and hospice care resources for children

~ Growing collaborative relationships with community partners


October 2017

“It does not matter what the diagnosis is, the journey is similar and we are better together.”

Megan / Founder



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Services, Volunteering or Donations for Rays for Rare brings light to the families of medically fragile children. We offer services and events that support the entire family. We invite you to explore the opportunities below and see how you can support your community.


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Are you the parent or guardian of a medically fragile child? Apply for services using our convenient online application.

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Make an impact in your local community by bringing a little light when skies are gray! There are a variety of opportunities click here to find out more.

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We cannot buy time but we can buy quality of time, every donation makes a difference!